Tuesday, October 14, 2014

They Must Be Destroyed On Sight! Episode 1: "Kill List" (2011).

Yeah, I know I've been a bad, bad blogger. I've actually been watching a lot of films, I just haven't been writing about them (check my Letterboxd page). Haven't had the time. However, I've been working on the next step in typical lazy bloggerdom: I've started a podcast. They Must Be Destroyed On Sight! is a recent endeavour between myself and my friend Daniel Harper. Although it shall focus on horror, fantasy, science fiction, and exploitation of all shapes and sizes, we will also review big budget block busters and serious dramas when we fancy. There will probably be no musicals or romantic comedies unless there's a lot of blood involved however. I hope to eventually add a few of my other friends into the mix as well for some episodes, just to keep things fresh. I also hope to get back to writing reviews, but I think I'll mostly focus on my DVD Spotlights.

So far we are only on Youtube. This should soon be corrected after I set up a place to host .mp3s of the episodes for easy download. Bare with me, I'm very new to this shit. In the first episode we break down in (perhaps too much) detail, the genre mish-mash of 2011's Kill List.

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